It might sound surprising to some, but in highly skilled hands wood still remains the most adaptable, practical, ecological and, quite simply, beautiful of all materials. There has been plenty of evidence in the past of the finesse with which the Italo-Hungarian specialist company Mardegan Legno sculpts solid wood. As the company's founder Giuseppe Mardegan once said: "Wood is a living material. In handling it, we bow before the beauty of nature.”"

The depth of the company’s relationship with wood not only shines through the appearance of its products, but is a sumptuous treat for all the senses of those lucky enough to afford such exclusive luxury. Mardegan Legno has chosen DOMOTEX 2018 to unveil its stunning new collection named after a Hungarian kingdom. "Palatino" alludes to the pomp of huge palaces, with each and every board designed to exude the rich grandeur of aristocratic nobility and transport us back to the long-gone world of wealthy princes. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2018 are welcome to judge for themselves if Mardegan Legno has triumphed again.