GRANORTE was founded in Portugal in 1972 with a view to breathing new life into the cork wastage generated in the wine bottling industry. The excellent quality of its cork products saw the company rapidly become a roaring success and has forged it an outstanding reputation across the globe. Consistently plowing its extensive expertise into developing the business and new products, GRANORTE has branched out from manufacturing granulated cork into high-tech products such as cork flooring, ready-made cork parquet and cork wall tiles. Steady growth, a sound financial footing and a strong focus on quality, research and sustainability have transformed GRANORTE into a prestigious and trusted partner for cork projects worldwide.

At DOMOTEX 2019, the interior design specialist is demonstrating how cork is the perfect candidate for much more than just flooring, with the material's natural beauty also lending walls an extra touch of elegance and a warm, natural look. The visual aspects aside, walls lined with cork boast further advantages, dampening transferred sound and reducing temperature fluctuations while also improving the indoor climate.