Halāl is an Arabic word meaning "permissible" and refers to objects and actions that are authorized by Islamic law. This impacts on areas of life that many of us wouldn't automatically think of in our predominantly secular society. Take, for instance, flooring in companies that produce foodstuffs in line with halāl certification. Ucrete industrial floorings from Master Builders Solutions - a BASF brand - now offer just the solution for such settings. The certification process, carried out by Halāl Certification Europe, involved a detailed investigation of the raw materials and suppliers used to manufacture Ucrete and an audit of the company’s production facility in Redditch, UK. "This approval certifies that Ucrete industrial floorings fully conform to halāl requirements and demonstrates our commitment to meeting all our customers'’ requirements," says Ian Smith, Global Business Segment Manager Flooring.

Given that it is not always easy to determine whether a product is halāl, the certification helps investors and planning staff decide what can be used without worrying about infringing Islamic law. Customers can now rest assured that Ucrete flooring solutions meet all the requirements of a modern halāl production site. This range of extremely durable flooring is based on a unique polyurethane resin technology that has met, and even exceeded, the highest hygiene standards in the beverage and foodstuff industries over the past 50 years. These non-solvent-based solutions cure rapidly and are entirely odor-free and flavor-neutral. Ucrete also complies with the requirements of the AgBB (German Committee for Health Assessment of Construction Products) and is a Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified product. The floorings have been approved for use in food production facilities with HACCP systems. Boasting an extremely high resistance to chemicals, mechanical impact and thermal shock, Ucrete is particularly suited for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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