The SELIT Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of underlayment for parquet, laminate and vinyl XPS or EPS flooring. At no fewer than three production sites in Europe and North America, the company churns out more than 130 million square meters of insulation material every year. Its products are then shipped to more than 20 countries, both as an end-to-end range to resellers and to industrial customers for direct lamination. After launching numerous underlay innovations, some of them patented, such as easy lay®, easy click®, east cut® and the revolutionary GripTec coating, SELIT now runs a 500m2 test and development laboratory at its headquarters to maintain its innovative edge on the market.

These research facilities also spawned one of the company’s latest achievements - the SELITPRO 2.2 mm AquaStop with TwinFoamTM technology, which is on show at DOMOTEX 2019. Featuring a double foam layer, this solution sets out to achieve both maximum noise reduction and compression strength for parquet and laminate flooring. Its two layers fulfill different tasks, combining the benefits of flexible and rigid underlayment in a single product. While the flexible gray layer perfectly adapts to the base, prevents damage caused by falling objects and softens airborne noise, the stable blue layer can resist high loads and reduces impact noise. To top it all off, the built-in AquaStop film acts as a valuable safeguard against rising damp.