Using floor coverings to decorate walls is hardly breaking news nowadays. However, it's far less common for a flooring specialist like Italy’s VIRAG to develop its own dedicated wall covering collection. "Evolution Vertical", the latest product in the VIRAG Evolution range, marks the first time the developers have focused specifically on simplifying application to walls. Visitors can see the promising results for themselves at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

Thanks to their flexibility, low weight and minimal thickness (1.8 millimeters), the new panels are indeed easy to handle. But the idea behind developing "Evolution Vertical" was by no means restricted to easy application - meeting the needs of the most demanding designers was equally key, as was optimizing value for money. The decorative vertical range is thus perfect for creating an environment enhanced with innovative effects and finishings, resulting in either modern or traditional designs as required, while also ensuring easy maintenance. With its appealing esthetics, price-performance ratio and above all its technical characteristics, “Evolution Vertical” is also ideal for public spaces including schools, universities and administrative buildings.