The ability of the Uzin NC 111 BiColor compound to change color is an absolute world-first that has been specially designed to notify workers at a mere glance when it's ready for covering. The developers of this semi-fast-drying gypsum leveling compound have ensured it produces smooth substrates in thicknesses of up to ten millimeters in preparation for laying textile or elastic floor coverings. The revolutionary aspect is how the compound gradually changes color from light green to salmon pink as it sets so as to signal when it is ready for covering (after 8 10 hours). Once the entire area has turned pink, workers can be sure that the leveling compound is ready for them to lay the flooring on top. This ingenious solution saves them the effort of repeatedly testing the moisture content, thus freeing them up to use their time more productively and focus on other tasks.

"When it comes to laying floors, identifying when the substrate is ready for covering has always been the key factor," says Thomas Schneider, head of Applications Engineering at Uzin. "If a floor covering is laid too hastily on the leveling compound, bubbles can form or odors can develop. Uzin NC 111 BiColor now makes things very clear - whatever the climate on the construction site. The worker in charge of the process can immediately see when the time is right to start laying the floor once the color has changed across the entire surface." What's more, the color-changing technology offers the additional benefit of flagging up any oversights during the follow-on application of the adhesive. As the dispersion adhesive turns green when it comes into contact with the dried substrate, the person applying it can easily spot any patches that have been missed!