Harnessing the many benefits of virtual reality and applying them to interior design seems like a logical idea. However, ideas don't get us very far unless they're followed up with actions, and there have not been many corresponding solutions launched on the market - and even fewer truly impressive ones. This has left a gap that a number of startups have committed themselves to filling - including VISONME GmbH. Led by founders Florian Wenk, Dennis Dohmeier and Hinrich Hobbensiefken, the young and dynamic team already offers a wide range of innovative solutions based on virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). The latest product from this Dutch powerhouse is set to celebrate its premiere at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover.

iunco AI is a floor covering configurator that harnesses the full potential of artificial intelligence, incorporating it into a smartphone app that is set to make choosing the perfect flooring solution easier than ever before. Simply take a photo of the room or space in question, and iunco AI will automatically calculate the surface area. This virtual representation can then be redesigned using the coverings stored in the product catalog. To deliver the most realistic impression possible, the app also allows users to try out a range of different laying patterns and directions - all in real time.