Taiwan has earned a global reputation for leading the field in high-tech electronics, but its Far Eastern flair in crafting designer floors has so far remained more of a secret - at least in Europe, that is. However, the Green-Flor brand belongs to a group of companies that has been actively involved in flooring production and projects, wholesale and retail trade for 40 years. The Group has earned itself a reputation as the number-one name for dedication, sustainability and cutting-edge technology in its native Asian market. In fact, it has already made successful inroads into foreign markets and is now turning its sights on Europe, with a series of specially designed creations for this purpose. The highlights of the company's showcase at DOMOTEX 2019 include "Prime Inspiration", an LVT collection that boasts charming natural slate effects.

"Prime Inspiration" cleverly captures the intrinsic link that stone forms between nature and the ground beneath our feet. Exuding stone's timeless tranquility, the collection serenely rolls elegance and functionality into one. One of natural stone’s virtually infinite forms is slate - a fine-grained, metamorphic rock that's both impenetrable and stain-resistant. Considering the often prohibitively high extraction costs attached to premium-quality genuine slate, the large tiles in the "Prime Inspiration" collection from Green-Flor provide a very affordable, deceptively authentic alternative. What's more, there's the full spectrum of natural shades to choose from - ranging from warm gray to rustic earth tones.