When we think of carpets, we almost automatically visualize them indoors - fine textiles made of sumptuous wool or silk, modern interpretations of classic designs, or completely new creations by carpet designers, the best of whom are feted like artists. Yet as soon as we leave the house, we expect floors to be covered almost exclusively with weatherproof wood, its imitation plastic counterparts or mineral surfaces. Leaving aside state receptions and celebrity gatherings, outdoor carpets are simply not a part of everyday life in our climate. But why not? Materials and processes that can transport the comfort of carpets outdoors have long been available. Vanhoutte Carpets, based in Beveren-Leie, Belgium, has seized upon this opening and is premiering its BRUSSELS WEAVE Outdoor/Indoor Collection at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

Vanhoutte Carpets has been producing machine-woven polypropylene carpets and runners for 40 years. The material is perfect for withstanding even treacherous weather conditions and heavy use, and the new BRUSSELS WEAVE Outdoor/Indoor Collection harnesses this potential to the full. With patterns on both sides, these reversible-structure carpets are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines. They are designed to suit any style of decoration, whether in an office, entrance area or on a terrace at home.