Dubbed "A Match", the dating game hosted at DOMOTEX 2019 is drawing on the megatrend of connectivity to build a bridge to this year's lead theme "Create'n'Connect". The concept, developed by Sarah Busching, is based on the idea of people communicating with each other via an interactive machine-based connection. The exhibit is essentially a double swing, but with a partition dividing the two swings so the occupants can’t see each other. An on-screen display shows an animated graphic depicting the back-and-forth motion of the swings (and nothing else), giving the potential pair a chance to get on the same wavelength.

If they manage to swing in sync, they're classed as a match and cameras stream a live video of the pair. Those left yearning for more after such a harmonious experience at this year’s DOMOTEX can access additional data - such as images, graphics and analyses - via an app specially developed for the game. "A Match" thus hopes to quite literally sweep people off their feet - a bold link to the fair's key theme of flooring. What's more, by creating an interactive machine-based connection between two people and then incorporating data processing, the exhibit is also a nod to the human carousel we call Tinder.

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, then perhaps Wismar University’s second project will appeal. Known as "connect it3", this exhibit was developed by Sarah Strenge based on the keywords "analog", "interactive" and "together". Using various haptic effects of rugs, carpets and floor coverings, it allows visitors to DOMOTEX to establish creative connections and immerse themselves fully in the "Create'n'Connect" theme.