The Iranian family-owned business Zollanvari, which is based in Embrach, Switzerland, is currently one of the leading hand-made carpet producers. As a result of its profound understanding of local weaving techniques, the company’s creations successfully embody the spirit of Persian carpet design, making them unique and timeless. Thanks to its very close personal ties with an extensive network of weavers, Zollanvari remains at the creative helm of inventive and cutting-edge carpet production. This is conveyed in the new, breath-taking creation "Anar" from its Designer Isfahan collection being unveiled at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

The "Anar" collection, consisting of four pomegranate patterns in total, embodies soul, personal history, the innovative spirit of the time and design excellence in one. Designers Hamideh Jafari and Amir Kolahdouzian took creative inspiration from their fond childhood memories and extensive travels through Iran. The two artists at the helm of the NOV24 design team, which created the "Anar" collection, both come from a similar background. Born in Iran and raised in Austria, they spend most of their time designing and producing hand-woven carpets. According to the company, the designers see their work as a synergy of contrast and similarity from both worlds and are driven by their cultural roots and passion for innovation.