Extraordinary projects - and even more straightforward jobs - deserve a durable finish that really should look as good as it protects. When time is short on a project, the priorities are usually a simple application procedure and a short waiting period before you can walk on the surface. Rolling all these qualities into one is Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C. Since it first started out producing mastics in 1906, Muylle-Facon has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of coatings, waterproof sealants, glues and other chemical construction products. Close collaboration between the company's development department, sales staff and users ultimately gave rise to the unique Rubio Monocoat range, which includes innovations such as the new Oil Plus 2C with a drying accelerator.

RMC Oil Plus 2C is a two-component system made up of RMC Oil Plus and RMC Accelerator. Thanks to molecular binding technology, a single coat is all it takes to give wood lasting protection and color. Besides bringing out the wood's natural radiance, the treatment becomes resilient faster, enhances wear resistance, cures faster (approx. 80 percent after two days) and results in a shorter dry maintenance period. Indeed, floors sealed with RMC Oil Plus 2C can be cleaned using soap and water after just six days. What’s more, RMC Oil Plus 2C is available in more than 40 appealing colors.