Rheingold GmbH from Fürth in northern Bavaria actually specializes in modernizing and renovating staircases that have seen better days or no longer fit in with today's stylish interiors. The company has now taken this renovation to the next level by introducing staircase lighting. Thanks to advances in LED technology, a number of entirely new, discreet options are now available. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover can see at first hand what the staircase specialists have to offer.

The portfolio includes night lights that not only turn staircases into real eye-catchers but also make them safer - a benefit not to be underestimated. The durable, economical LEDs in each step also make the night lights extremely energy-efficient and virtually indestructible. Depending on their taste and the style of their staircase, customers can choose between cold or warm white LEDs. Whichever option they select, the indirect nature of the lighting rules out any unpleasant glare. When installing a new Rheingold staircase, the night lights are integrated using special runners, while the wiring runs invisibly below the new step elements. If the LEDs are unexpectedly damaged, they are easy to replace.