Verbatex’s commitment to greater ecology and circular economy in carpets was a key driver behind the introduction of its NORA, ELLA, SARA, ANA and ONA flatweave wool collections. The various wools used in these rugs are easy on the eye as well as the environment and feel absolutely wonderful to the touch. The eco-friendly philosophy also extends to the backings and viscose fibers that Verbatex uses for its exquisite products.

Perfect blend of natural wools from sheep of different colors

Verbatex sees wool as a material that has been an integral part of the evolution of humans and animals – and their relationship – over countless generations. It continues to be used in many different ways – a longevity and versatility that, for Verbatex and many others, make it a timeless treasure of nature. DECORUG rugs combine wool from many kinds of differently colored sheep with European wools to achieve the same unique effect in machine-woven carpets as you would expect in hand-woven carpets. Verbatex uses only mechanical processes to clean its wools – no chemical products – and manufactures its rugs under controlled conditions to ensure consistent quality.

Regenerated cotton and eco-friendly viscose

The sustainability aspect of ATMYSPHERE is also embodied by the "regenerated cotton" that Verbatex uses for its carpet backings. In today’s textile industry, an estimated 40 percent of all cotton fiber is wasted at some point or other along the value chain from harvest to clothing manufacture. That translates to some 600,000 metric tons of cotton fiber thrown out by spinning mils, weavers and fabric manufacturers every year. With regenerated cotton, this waste is recovered and spun back into yarns, thereby contributing to the circular economy. Verbatex uses this cotton for the backings on all of its rugs – both wool and viscose.

Viscose is a synthetic fiber made from natural sources, such as wood, which is regenerated as cellulose fiber. As such, it is also part of Verbatex’s circular economy commitment. The company has developed a special range of viscose fibers called WalkSoft. As the name suggests, the resulting carpets are wonderfully soft to the touch. Needless to say, all of Verbatex’s carpets and rugs bear the STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX, meaning they have been tested and found free of harmful substances. Discover them for yourself at DOMOTEX 2020.