The Urban Jungle is green - and green does not only mean the color or even a political attitude. It has to be alive in the literal sense! In other words, plants are the new favorite roommates. It doesn't matter whether the interior is Scandinavian, rustic or still cool and modern: plants are now part of it and often support the respective style of living.

Urban Jungle takes place in every room

It was not so long ago that houseplants had the reputation of being stuffy. As a relic from the parental living room long since left behind; the green thumb of the mother more a respectfully mentioned anecdote, usually associated with the personal demarcation and the confession of the own inability to keep plants alive. If present at all in the modern ambience, solitary green plants eked out a shadowy existence in the corner of the living room, or else sinfully expensive exotics served as eye-catchers or even as status symbols. However, the change is there. For a short time, we have been living in our own private and individual green oases and put our new plant friends into scene with heart and soul. We cherish and care for our "green stuff" and enjoy the sprouting and blooming environment while relaxing on the sofa, waking up, brushing our teeth or cooking. Because the Urban Jungle takes place in every room.

Back to nature

However, the new green living trend is not celebrated with plants alone. Beautiful fabrics with floral patterns or natural linen structure, palm wallpaper and fine home accessories made of glass, metal and natural materials support the life-affirming ambience. Hand-woven wicker furniture made from rattan or water hyacinth completes the interior, as do modern sofas in earthy hues and lights with greenhouse charm. More than the famous icing on the cake is finally set with the matching floors. It is no coincidence that DOMOTEX 2023, the world's leading trade show for floor coverings, has chosen the slogan FLOORED BY NATURE as its current keynote theme - a theme to which renowned DOMOTEX exhibitors will add their interpretation, and which will perhaps also inspire one or two newcomers to the industry to create their Urban Jungle. We are looking forward to it!

The jungle's terrains are as varied as the jungle itself

MEISTER from Rüthen in eastern Westphalia, for example, is sending its Nadura floor, among others, into the race. With it, no one has to be afraid of falling flower pots, at most about the flower pots themselves, because this new type of flooring is almost as hard as stone. Nadura has on the one hand the optics of modern stone tiles and is to be also just as easy to maintain and durable, in contrast to tiles Nadura is however break-firm. The innovative floor is based on fine wood fibers and minerals that are mixed and compressed under pressure and high temperature. The high wood content also ensures that Nadura is pleasantly warm underfoot, just as a real jungle floor should be. MEISTER offers Nadura in various stone imitations as well as in different sizes. Furnishings in the currently popular gray tones, for example, can be wonderfully underlined with Nadura in slate decor.

The jungle reclaims lost ground

MEISTER has also thought of those who like to mix their urban jungle with industrial charm, the so-called Factory Style. The East Westphalians see oak floors with a brushed surface as the ideal basis for this look. The wide planks of Lindura wood flooring from MEISTER provide the perfect base for an industrial interior with metal shelving and a Chesterfield sofa in brown leather and with plenty of patina. For Lindura planks, a real wood top layer is fused with a fine powder made from 100 percent natural substances such as wood fibers and minerals. The resulting high-tech wood floor is said to be remarkably durable and able to withstand extreme pressures. Consequently, unlike conventional parquet flooring, Lindura could not be harmed by even the highest and hardest penny heels, even if those are likely to be rare in the Urban Jungle anyway. MEISTER produces Lindura wood flooring in many color gradations and assortments, in matt lacquered or natural oiled - and the following applies to all of them: guaranteed easy-care and suitable for plants.

Concrete terrazzo look and green oasis - a contradiction?

Even though it may seem contradictory at first, Villeroy & Boch refrains from adding natural ingredients to its Urban Jungle creations from the outset and focuses on mineral-ceramic solutions, in keeping with the company tradition of the Saarland-based company. In its URBAN JUNGLE line, the company focuses on an urban concrete look in soft natural tones, enlivened with inclusions meant to evoke artisanal terrazzo, and marries it all with a sophisticated decoration of lush, exotic plants and shimmering, glossy ceramics in tranquil shades of green. The matte surfaces of the floor tiles are intended to create a strong effect of depth, allowing the material structures to emerge very vividly, almost three-dimensionally. Villeroy & Boch elevates the expressive wall decorations belonging to the line to the highlight of the concept. Two different floral decors show large leaves of exotic plants reminiscent of palm trees or philodendrons - either subtly tone-in-tone with a luster print finish or in strong green tones. Finally, another decorative tile is intended to be reminiscent of old ceramic tiles: Harmonious green-beige tones with fine matte-gloss effects emphasize the used look and add a touch of nostalgic charm to the home jungle.

Actually, the jungle floor is rather soft...

Who hasn't claimed when walking on soft mossy floors that it feels like fluffy carpet? No one, right? So what could be more obvious than to create oases for the barefoot runners among us with soft turf in the jungle at home, too? In search of the right solution, JAB ANSTOETZ FLOORING from Bielefeld sends 46 unique carpet designs, created by seven renowned designers, into the race with its URBAN JUNGLE - CARPETS WITH SOUL collection. According to the JAB ANSTOETZ product designers, every single one of these carpets sets spotlights on our present and fascinates with subtle gradients, vivid three-dimensionality, brilliant colors and a passion for detail that is typical of the authentic JAB ANSTOETZ carpet culture of the 21st century.

Pleasant natural living climate

The basis for the exclusive, handmade carpets of the URBAN JUNGLE collection are carefully selected materials. Customers can choose between virgin wool, viscose, silk and nylon. The focus is on New Zealand virgin wool. Not only is it particularly soft, it is also considered the highest quality and purest in the world. Combined with viscose, pure silk or nylon, virgin wool provides lively textures that are intended to spread a pleasantly natural living climate. New wool and nylon are also considered particularly hard-wearing and are therefore also suitable for use in objects. According to JAB ANSTOETZ, all material qualities are permanently subject to extensive tests and have no risk potential for allergy sufferers.

A movement lived with conviction

As we can see, a true Urban Jungle needs neither leafy floors, nor small watercourses, nor the clamor of real toucans. Reliable, durable and stylish floors also increase the chance that what is usually a rather short-lived trend will become a sustainable movement lived with conviction.

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