UNIFAM (National Union of Carpet and Rug Manufacturers in Spain) is the business association unites the carpet and rug sector in Spain. Thanks to the experience of 26 years at DOMOTEX, UNIFAM has been able to facilitate a unique synergy between Spanish manufacturers and international clients, knowing their preferences and showing them the products that will meet their high and individual standards. The competitive price-quality ratio, flexibility, innovation and capacity to adapt to customer needs (products, materials, fibers, designs, colors, sizes, service, etc.) are some of the important added values of our Spanish companies.

Once again UNIFAM will create this atmosphere at the new edition of DOMOTEX 2023, specifically in its grouped space located in Hall 20, Stand B100, where the wide variety of Spanish products is assembled in line with the new keynote theme of the trade fair, "FLOORED BY NATURE" . Thus, in this grouped space you will be able to find products such as carpets and rugs (woven, non-woven, needle punched and printed), artificial turf, wool yarns and special fabric dyeing services. In turn, we emphasize production systems in finished products such as Wilton, Axminster, Face to Face, Tufting, Hundtufted and Printed Carpet. As for raw materials used in these articles, we put an emphasize on natural fibers such as wool, jute, sisal, abaca, bamboo, tencel, paper, synthetics such as acrylic, polypropylene, polyurethane and other innovative ones such as steel and copper. In respect of the auxiliary product, we evaluate the spinning of carded fiber and multicolor printing.

In recent years our Association has been vastly focused on developing immensely innovative projects geared towards “Circular Economy”, the main purpose of these projects is none other than to generate an understanding for eco-innovation in the development of new textile products of sustainable origin, which enable us to improve the competitiveness of our companies, whilst respecting the environment that surrounds us. As an example, we refer to the project "NATURAL CARPET", carried out in 2022, focused on the study of raw materials from plant sources to enhance the reusability of the final product as a primary basis for improving the current environmental situation.

Similarly, in 2021 UNIFAM centered its research processes on a general public that is not only concerned about sustainability but also animal welfare, VEGAN CUSTOMER, developing the VEGAN CARPET initiative, through which it brought an understanding to its associated companies of all the processes and raw materials, which are necessary to obtain products that meet the vegan standards, as well as the necessary certifications and becoming the preferred option for this type of customer.

At DOMOTEX 2023 the association will present products from 10 member companies, more specifically A+B INTERIOR, DELTA CARPETS, IMPERIAL CARPETS, MAXIFIL, NATURTEX, REALTURF, SUALFOMBRA, T.A.P.I.S.A., UNIVERSAL XXI and TEXTILES VILVER.

Regarding the target market, it is extremely diverse, covering all the different distribution channels, especially focused on the Contract Sector and specifically aimed towards architects, decorators, interior designers and project developer how fit in this profile.

This and further information about our association, companies and the sector can be found on the website . You are welcome to visit the stand B100 in Hall 20.