At DOMOTEX 2024, UNIFAM will showcase a wide variety of Spanish products in line with the keynote theme of the fair, "FLOORED BY NATURE". In this shared space visitors can find carpets, rugs, yarns and special dyeing services from the eight associated companies: A+B INTERIOR, DELTA CARPETS, IMPERIAL CARPETS, MAXIFIL, NATURTEX, REALTURF, T.A.P.I.S.A. and UNIVERSAL XXI.

In recent years, our Association has been very focused on developing highly differentiating and environmentally committed projects aimed at the Circular Economy. The main purpose of these projects is none other than to generate a knowledge base for eco-innovation in the development of new textile articles of renewable origin that allows UNIFAM to improve the competitiveness of their associated companies while respecting the environment. An example of this is the project carried out in 2023 called "CARPET PANEL", aimed at the study of processes not only of recyclability (transformation of the finished product into waste) but, fundamentally, of the generation of new products from such waste obtained for use in different applications, especially in the decoration sector. Similarly, in 2022 UNIFAM focused its sustainable research processes on materials, developing the "NATURAL CARPET" project, aimed at the study of raw materials of vegetable origin that allow an improvement in the recyclability of the final product as a primary basis for improving our environment.