Currently enjoying its 18th year in business, not only has SAICOS COLOUR GmbH - a specialist in wood protection products - reached corporate "adulthood”", it also has some pretty impressive accolades to show for it. SAICOS has set out to provide durable solutions for embellishing, protecting and preserving wood and wood-based materials. Moreover, it is determined that its solutions should be strictly environmentally friendly, pose no health risks and be consistently economical, easy to use and affordable. The latest evidence of this impressive ambition is the new solvent-free SAICOS Decking Oil H2O.

The H2O water-based decking oil is an ecological and innovative coating and has already been awarded the prestigious Blue Angel label - an accolade that shows it satisfies the latest environmental standards. Besides providing protection, the transparent decking oil is also claimed to enhance the tone and grain of wood and maintain its natural look for the long term. Thanks to its high penetration capacity, H2O decking oil is said to ensure high elasticity and offer optimum protection against the weather. It also impresses with its foolproof processing, short drying time and anti-slip surface.

SAICOS COLOUR GmbH (48336 Sassenberg, Germany)