EFAB GmbH from Korschenbroich on the Lower Rhine is a high-tech company for hand-tufting robots and carpet design CAD/CAM software. As such, it not only offers its customers innovative and high-quality products as well as solutions for all types of carpet production, EFAB's know-how in CAD/CAM software development and industrial automation is also designed to give customers a competitive edge in carpet and runner production at the same time. At DOMOTEX in January 2023 in Hannover, EFAB will be presenting, among other things, its new economical line of robotic tufting machines called eTuft 3×4 ECM-A for the first time.

In the rigid aluminium structure of the eTuft 3×4 ECM-A, seven servo motors ensure that the cleverly designed mechanical tufting head is transported quickly and reliably to the desired position on the twelve square metre work surface. This tufting head alone is a special feature. Working without compressed air and equipped with non-stop cut/loop change, it is said to be ideal for tufting with low cut pile, among other things. According to EFAB, in combination with eDesigner and eHMI software, this results in an all-round tufting solution for creative and cost-effective carpet and customised artificial turf production.