The IVC Group's showcase at DOMOTEX 2020 features designer floors that are said to be robust, quiet, elegant and extremely soft to the touch. It's time for the new LayRed floors from the Moduleo brand. Their trademark built-in red backing is intended to make these high-quality floors unmistakable and demonstrate that LayRed flooring meets the difficult demands involved in creating a perfect ambiance indoors.

Engineered as multi-layered vinyl flooring, the LayRed products aim to combine stylish design with first-class comfort while ensuring extreme durability. According to the manufacturer, these click-in floors are as tough as tiles or solid wood. Nonetheless, they are said to be easy to install under any conditions - even in awkward settings. This is down to the integrated backing, which its developers promise offers excellent soundproofing and effectively levels out any unevenness - a key feature, as uneven substrates can pose a real challenge in renovation projects. Indeed, with their robust core and built-in backing, LayRed floors are well equipped for successfully bridging gaps or irregularities in existing surfaces. What's more, they can be paired with equally robust end profiles and used with underfloor heating systems. Available in seven designs with a tiled or floorboard look in over 30 nature-inspired color tones, the floors on show at DOMOTEX 2020 are undeniably versatile.