As one of the leading suppliers of end-to-end carpet manufacturing systems, Vandewiele has recently been focusing on the textile industry's changing needs for shorter and customized production series that promise faster and more sustainable production. The TEXconnect program harnesses digital advances such as servers, software and sensors to network production sites even across different countries and continents, and collect and make productive use of real-time data. The results obtained can now be used to create and analyze digital models to optimize production settings, improve planning and substantially cut the consumption of raw materials and energy in particular. Vandewiele aims to utilize big data analysis in the industry to pave the way for AI applications that ultimately result in truly intelligent factories for carpet production.

The new RCE2+ (Rug and Carpet Expert) weaving machine is also part of this mission. Vandewiele sees it as a true digital workhorse that not only continuously monitors and measures all yarns but also makes laborious bobbin changes a thing of the past. This is achieved by means of an innovative version of Fast Creel that uses individual servomotors to control the feed and tension of the pile yarns. To enhance efficiency and eliminate waste, the yarns are now fed directly into the machine without having to carry out pile-stop motions. The RCE2+ is thus set to break new industrial speed records. It also boasts the latest IRO X3 winders, ensuring smooth machine filling, and features heavy-duty filling brakes with multi lamellas, an active yarn recuperator and a high-speed weft mixer, where all tensions are set electronically. Vandewiele's servo-driven heddle frames (smart frames) have also more than proved themselves in the sector.

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