With every single fibre of its new Respect collection, the Austrian carpet manufacturer Tisca sees itself as an ambassador of its responsibility towards the planet, the people involved and the homes of its customers. After years of development, the Austrians say, Respect has gone from a bold vision to a manifesto that can be grasped and inhabited for generations.

Tisca drew lessons from nature for this: Perfection is a path, not a goal. There is so much that has to be learned and perfected through constant practice. With the Respect collection, Tisca shows itself to be as uncompromising as possible and, according to its own statement, follows this path further than ever before. Customers should literally see and feel how it feels to do the right thing. The collection is manufactured according to the highest standards of craftsmanship and under fair conditions. Moreover, it should be recyclable down to the last fibre. Tisca calls this respectacular.

Respectacular also says that in this curated collection, they focus on choosing the best options when it comes to designing the unique piece. And you can also rely on Respect ethically: The entire collection is certified with the strict GOTS label. This means that all working conditions as well as the quality of the raw materials are traceable back to the sheep on the pasture - where it all begins.