SWISS KRONO, a leading manufacturer and finisher of wood-based materials based in Lucerne, Switzerland, is a great believer in resource efficiency and energy sustainability and is very serious about reducing CO2 emissions and maximizing the economic value of the wood it uses. That is why its wood processing operations are based on a cascading utilization of wood in which the products are made from virgin wood and the energy needed for their production is derived from recycled wood. No fossil energy is used.

Easy and fast installation without special tools

The kind of ingenuity that goes into the company’s wood utilization strategy is also reflected in the SwissClic panel innovation that it is showcasing under the "Floor & More" banner at DOMOTEX 2020. SwissClic is a cladding system in which individual wood-based panels are simply clicked together – no special tools required – to quickly and easily realize integrated interior designs. SwissClic panels by SWISS KRONO can be used to create continuous runs of wall or ceiling cladding with virtually invisible joins. The range includes panels that are surfaced with a special primer foil which enables them to be painted in any of a wide palette of colors. There are also panels finished in authentic wood-grain veneer, as well as an unpolished concrete-look range for those who prefer a starker, cooler effect. With all of these options and design possibilities for users to choose from, the developers at SWISS KRONO really have captured the essence of ATMYSPHERE . They have combined stunning good looks with the ingenious practicality of the clic system and the user-friendliness of surfaces that are hard-wearing and easy care. The panels are also available as acoustic cladding elements that can reduce ambient noise levels by up to 50 percent. Now that’s "Floor & More"!