DecoRad Systems from Veenendaal in the Netherlands, one of the leading manufacturers of UV curing equipment, now has a wide range of suitable machines. According to the manufacturer, curing a suitable coating using UV radiation is ideal for commercial and industrial customers, but private individuals are also increasingly favouring this process. The UV radiation used enables the surface to harden immediately so that the floor can be used again straight after treatment. Another useful effect: UV radiation can also be used to disinfect surfaces. All of the Dutch company's machines are always equipped with the latest UV curing technology and are designed to be easy to operate and maintain.

DecoRad's current range is divided into the product categories UV floor curing units, UV hand-held units and a line of high-end machines for curing LED hard wax oils. The Floorcure UV2030 is a brand new addition. This is a classic mobile UV floor curing device that can be converted into a particularly flexible hand-held device in just a few steps. Designed for water-based UV coatings, the Floorcure UV2030 has a working width of 30 centimetres and features a display with speed indicator. The hybrid is supplied in a robust transport box in which the accessories can also be stored. The entire system weighs 17 kilograms, making it easy for just one person to handle.