In the presence of a enthusiastic trade audience, Parkett Magazin awarded the renowed branch prize for the 13th time - and sent with it out a positive signal in challenging times. The winners had previously been selected by a top jury with representatives from the industry and trade cooperations. The award winners are extraordinary examples in the branch of conceptual creativity, confidence and convincing action. They are all exemplary in their commitment to parquet, its marketing and market significance.

Holzland Disam (Schwäbisch Gmünd) and Raumstudio Pätzholz (Rielasingen) were recognized for the best parquet presentations. Prizes for the best store conversions went to 3Land-Parkett (Weil am Rhein) and Koncepta (Dresden). Holzland Wicht (Hückelhoven) received the prize for the best new building. Fussboden Bauer (Motten-Kothen), Fußboden Blum (Kalbach) and Holzland Bunzel (Marl) were recognized for exemplary training. Parkett Preuß (Bonn) and Fußböden Klingels (Duisburg) received Parquet Stars for the exemplary success of generational change in their family businesses. Fussbodenbau Rose (Hüttenberg) was awarded for the exemplary takeover of two craft businesses. Wippler Parkett (Bad Homburg) was honored for exemplary digital marketing, Holzland Link & Becker (Biebergemünd-Kassel) for its exemplary consulting concept. Holzland Friederichs (Mönchengladbach) was awarded the Innovation Prize. Peter Mau, co-founder, long-standing editor-in-chief and co-publisher of Parkett Magazin, who passed away in May 2023, was honored posthumously for his life's work.

The Parkett Star Award is a pro-parquet initiative involving the trade, retail and industry in equal measure. The prize has been awarded since 2011 by Parkett Magazin, Europe's largest trade magazine for wood, cork, laminate and designer flooring, published by SN-Verlag, Hamburg.

List of Award Winners:

  • Beste Parkettpräsentation im Handwerk: Raumstudio Pätzholz, Rielasingen
  • Beste Parkettpräsentation im Holzhandel: Holzland Disam, Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Bester Umbau im Handwerk: 3Land-Parkett, Weil am Rhein
  • Bester Geschäftsumbau im Holzhandel: Koncepta – Bodenwelt erleben, Dresden
  • Bester Neubau im Holzhandel: Holzland Wicht, Hückelhoven
  • Vorbildlicher Ausbildungsbetrieb im Handwerk: Fussboden Bauer, Motten-Kothen
  • Vorbildlicher Ausbildungsbetrieb im Handwerk: Fußboden Blum, Kalbach
  • Vorbildlicher Ausbildungsbetrieb im Holzhandel: Holzland Bunzel, Marl
  • Vorbildlicher Generationswechsel im Handwerk: Fußböden Klingels & Söhne, Duisburg
  • Vorbildlicher Generationswechsel im Handwerk: Parkett Preuß, Bonn
  • Vorbildliche Übernahme: Fussbodenbau Rose, Hüttenberg
  • Vorbildliches digitales Marketing im Handwerk: Wippler Parkett, Bad Homburg
  • Vorbildliches Beratungskonzept im Holzhandel: Holzland Link & Becker, Biebergemünd-Kassel
  • Innovationspreis Holzhandel: Holzland Friederichs, Mönchengladbach
  • Ehrenpreis Lebenswerk: Peter Mau, Parkett Magazin