The story of Reza's Oriental & Modern Rugs, based in Odense, Denmark, goes back over 30 years and tells of the search for hidden treasures all over the world. And it is characterized by the desire that these treasures will last for a long time in our homes. Rezas was founded in 1991 under modest conditions: "A storage room as a warehouse, a rented van and Reza at the wheel. But things developed quickly: on the second customer visit, I got a big order - it amounted to 7,516.00 euros - that was as much as I expected to sell in the whole month," recalls founder Reza Rejaye, adding: "Just a few years later, we made our breakthrough, and things have only been going upwards ever since. The Magasin department store was let down by its supplier. In less than 24 hours, we sourced carpets of such high quality that a collaboration with Magasin and other of Europe's largest department stores was established."

Until today Rezas has developed into Northern Europe's largest importer of oriental carpets. However, the market has changed considerably over the years and with it the buying behavior of consumers. Rezas currently focuses on an exclusive and attractive range, a mixture of high-quality modern rugs and tried and tested, classic oriental collections. But whether modern or classic, Rezas is proud of the quality of its products. Each of the rugs on offer begins life as wool or viscose, which is spun into colorful yarns by skilled weavers. The beautiful yarns are then knotted into stunning, high-quality rugs. "Our rugs are evidence of a life lived, of ancient traditions that are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago, of respect for our environment and the use of the materials that go into a Rezas rug," says Reza Rejaye. As in previous years, all of this can be seen at DOMOTEX in Hanover, which will once again become the global hotspot for the flooring industry in January 2024.