Reluctant to replace everything from the ground up, those tasked with renovating and redesigning interior spaces often have to work around structural elements. In fact, intricate features such as old door frames and casings are usually the very thing that helps make a house a home. To preserve these features in their original state, any new floor coverings have to be adapted to suit them as much as possible. Moderna is now showing how it's possible to bring old and new together in harmony with a state-of-the-art solution that's both stylish and eco-friendly.

Launched under the name "eco-design smart", Moderna promises this product is a true star when it comes to redesigning interior spaces. Measuring just five millimeters in thickness, it is intended to fit perfectly under doors and their frames, with the company's Multiclic system said to take all the hassle out of the installation process. What's more, a special edge impregnation and the built-in AquaSafe board ensure these "eco-design" floors are water-resistant. Last but not least, the floors are entirely odorless and free of PVC and phthalates, making them good for the environment and people alike.

Moderna GmbH & Co. KG (59602 Rüthen-Meiste, Germany)