A new calcium-sulphate screed or the old one that’s already in place? Wood or concrete? Every base layer requires a particular structure that takes the floor covering and, even more so, the characteristics of the substrate into account. Is the floor dry, or are there issues with moisture? Is the system heated or not? For quick answers to all of these questions, Uzin has developed a spinning-wheel selector right in time for DOMOTEX 2020. "The spinning wheel places the solutions to all challenges at floor layers' fingertips," says Thomas Schneider, head of application technology.

He explains that the spinning wheel offers a simple, clear and quick overview of Uzin’s tried-and-tested systems that have proved their worth in real-life applications. It's a particularly handy guide for less experienced floor layers, of course - whether working on renovations or new builds - suggesting potential solutions and approaches for tackling existing floors, base primers, coupling agents, fillers and adhesives. Quickly "“dial up" results by simply selecting the existing floor type and planned covering on the spinning wheel - and the optimum configuration pops up in the window! Uzin's premium products are meticulously designed and tested to ensure maximum reliability and quick progress on site. "The systems we recommend cover 90 percent of all needs with optimum solutions for the base layer and floor covering," Schneider proudly points out.