Up till now, the whole process of stripping, renovating and finishing surface areas has required a fair bit of hard manual labor and incurred disposal costs that are steadily rising, particularly when it comes to contaminated wall and ceiling coverings. To lower costs across the board and make life much easier for workers, Schwamborn, a specialist in professional surface grinding, milling, cleaning and smoothing, is launching an innovative, user-oriented solution in the shape of the new WDS 350 wall and ceiling grinder.

According to its maker, the WDS 530, which is really more of a robot than a grinding machine, incorporates over 50 years of experience in professional grinding technology. Featuring a hydraulic drive, this remotely controllable innovative solution’s impressive performance capability reportedly grinds and refurbishes extensive wall and ceiling areas with utter efficiency for the first time. However, it isn't just the accounts department that will appreciate the new WDS 530. This robotic colleague takes care of virtually every aspect of the job - work that previously involved a whole lot of hard manual labor and all the associated downsides, such as health hazards. Schwamborn declares the WDS 530 a clear winner over the alternative mechanical processes that have been used to date. Indeed, an innovation award won recently by the company confirms the solution’s outstanding performance in minimizing the impact of work on a building's fabric and removing coatings and coverings with impressive precision.

Schwamborn Gerätebau GmbH (73117 Wangen, Germany)
Website: www.schwamborn.com