Quite naturally, the first thing most of us notice about a carpet or rug is the side facing us. The design and, in most cases, quality are plain to see, whether we’re walking over it or just admiring it. There's always something going on below the surface, though, and what lies beneath also plays a key role. That’s certainly the way Pater GmbH sees it, because this family business has specialized in making anti-slip carpet underlays since it started out in 1983. The company focuses on natural latex grid underlays and polyester nonwovens coated with acrylate adhesive, which Pater has been producing for over 20 years.

At DOMOTEX in January 2020, Pater GmbH added a further innovation to its portfolio that is intended to perfectly complement the existing product range. The self-adhesive nonwoven insulating underlay TEBO-FIX is used for laying carpeting, synthetic coverings and carpet tiles on both smooth and textile substrates. According to the manufacturer, it's extremely easy to use because no separate wet glues are required.

Pater GmbH (59469 Ense, Germany)
Website: www.pater-gmbh.de