Always up for a challenge, the product developers at Moduleo have created a design floor product that offers the combined benefits of durability, beauty, superior impact sound performance and exquisite softness under foot. By integrating multiple high-performance features to create an harmonious, wellbeing-enhancing whole, the product encapsulates the very essence of ATMYSPHERE and delivers on everything the most discerning of interior designers could wish for.

Modularity means versatility with charm

The inventors of LayRed vinyl flooring sometimes quip that the red color is really just the rush of blood to the head that users experience when the thrill and wonder of the product first hits them. But all joking aside, the distinctive red color of the backing marks LayRed as a quality flooring product with an integrated underlay that takes optimal room atmospherics to a whole new level. LayRed is engineered from multiple layers to incorporate beautiful design, supreme walking comfort and unrivalled strength. The clickable vinyl has the strength of hardwood and tiles, paired with the flexibility to handle all kinds of conditions and challenging home floor environments. The integrated underlay ensures easier installation, superior sound dampening and better leveling of uneven surfaces. Uneven subfloors can be a challenge for home renovation projects. But not with LayRed. Thanks to its strong core and integrated underlay, it bridges gaps and uneven patches, making it the perfect solution for any renovation project.

The LayRed collection features easy-to-use click installation technology, robust end and connecting profiles, and compatibility with underfloor heating systems. It also boasts no fewer than 31 different natural colors, distributed across 4 oak plank and 3 stone tile designs. In other words, it delivers the extreme modularity home owners need in order to design their own unique ATMYSPHERE .