CFL Flooring is the largest manufacturer of stone-plastic composite (SPC), and other hybrid flooring products worldwide. Why is it important for you to participate as an exhibitor at DOMOTEX?

There are three main reasons why we take part at DOMOTEX 2023. CFL is the largest SPC manufacturer in the world so for us, taking part in truly international shows is key. DOMOTEX is the first major show of 2023 for our industry and has historically been the most important in terms of meeting partners from around the world!

Secondly, it’s where we get to unveil new 2023 innovations for the first time. We get useful feedback from partners – but it’s also key for those that want access to first-to-market innovations. If you’re not early, you’re often too late!

Last but not least, after many years of restrictions, I’m convinced humans want to meet!

Could you please give us a sneak peek of what visitors will get to see at your booth?

We strongly believe partners need truly different value added products, with easily demonstrable advantages in store. So our focus will be on unveiling but also demonstrating the quietest, patented, engineered vinyl floors, and many new product lines under our QUIET umbrella, as well as ultra-matte natural finishes currently unmatched in the resilient category. We will also be showing the latest in award-winning sustainable flooring solutions.

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming event?

Meeting in person our partners from all over the world!