Headquartered in Portugal, the hub of cork production, AMORIM is a globally leading manufacturer of cork and cork-based products. The company’s new collection AMORIM WISE Cork Pure Signature is now offering design-focused property developers and anyone with a love of the unconventional an impressive combination of comfort, sustainability and top-notch design. There are 17 natural cork veneers to choose from, which can be freely combined with 31 colors, four different surface treatments, five formats and two thicknesses. With more than 17,000 possible configurations, customers are sure to be spoiled for choice. And seeing as cork veneers are crafted by Mother Nature herself, every single tile is a one-off piece.

Yet the opportunity to create perfectly customized flooring is just one of the many benefits Cork Pure Signature has to offer. Indeed, because they are made from cork and recycled materials, these flooring solutions also boast a remarkably negative carbon footprint. In other words, AMORIM WISE Cork Pure Signature is designed to be absolutely sustainable. These floor coverings, which are glued down over their entire surface, are also waterproof. Even without underfloor heating, they maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year - perfect for those who like to walk around barefoot. However, the most important feature of this high-quality natural product is perhaps its insulation, with cork reducing the sound of footfall by up to 53 percent and softly cushioning every step.

Last but not least, to help customers explore the 17,000+ possible combinations with ease, AMORIM proposes a specially developed configurator that they can use to design their flooring step by step. The aim is to fashion the ideal flooring solution for every space or project while lending the cork floor a unique, contemporary look - with all the advantages that the raw material has to offer.

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