FN Neuhofer specializes in manufacturing and selling accessories for floors, walls and ceilings. Its skirtings are available in hundreds of different geometries, either made of solid wood or with an MDF, spruce wood or plastic core, and each covered in various finishes, ranging from decorative films and veneers to traditional white coatings. The company’s portfolio also includes HDF, aluminum and plastic floor profiles with decorative surfaces in exceptional abrasion classes. A wide selection of accessories such as corners, clip systems, installation aids and radiator rosettes round out the range.

The Austrian-based company used the recent DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase its credentials as a digital film and direct printing specialist. The decorative films printed using the new-generation FN Digiprint 4.0 are engineered to match skirtings to floorings even more precisely, thus for the first time ensuring a seamless design that encompasses floors, baseboards and floor profiles.

FN digi-direct, meanwhile, dispenses with film altogether, instead printing each design directly onto skirtings and floor profiles. Decorative effects can be printed onto all kinds of plastic, aluminum and solid wood surfaces - from uniform designs to those that give the imagination free rein. A new workflow enables even small batch sizes within short lead times. FN digi-direct's outstanding versatility also extends to profile lengths. The continuous production of the plastic base makes it incredibly easy to create customized lengths. And if all that wasn’t enough, FN Neuhofer points out its crowning glory - the option of adding 3D grains and textures to skirtings, which further boosts their visual impact.