For most people, floor tiles mean adhesives and lots of time-consuming planning, labor and downtime before they can set foot on the finished product. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as the new DryTile system shows. The system comprises ceramic tiles on a thin base layer of cork that can be installed dry, i.e. without adhesives, and has been designed with economic and environmental aspects in mind.

Reversibility means freedom to be bold

Let’s start with economy. In business, time is money, so DryTile has been specifically designed with speed of installation in mind. According to the manufacturer, it is up to eight times faster to install than conventional tile floors, making it perfect for tight project timeframes. For example, it is the ideal solution for minimizing downtime and lost earnings when remodeling commercial interiors.

The DryTile system offers further savings by virtue of the fact that it is installed without adhesives and can therefore be removed quickly, easily and without leaving expensive-to-remove residues. As such, it is the perfect low-risk solution for bold interior designs in applications like retail stores, where remodeling is a fairly regular occurrence. For architects and interior designers, DryTile is therefore a solution that can rapidly be tailored to individual requirements – the quintessence of the ATMYSPHERE keynote theme . It is also a major plus for installers, who can complete their projects quickly, professionally and to a very high standard of quality using standard tile installation tools. What’s more, according to test certificates by Nuremberg Institute of Technology, the system can be used with underfloor heating systems.


The DryTile system’s cost-effectiveness and ability to deliver on other aspects of the ATMYSPHERE ethos is down to its clean, non-polluting components. With its low-mess, dry installation and straightforward post-use recyclability as mineral construction waste, DryTile is easy on the user and the environment. Each tile comes fitted with a thin layer of cork backing that projects beyond the ceramic tile surface by a defined amount on all sides, guaranteeing precision grouting spaces when the tiles are laid. The cork layer is also the key to the system’s dry tiling functionality because each tile effectively suctions itself onto the subfloor, eliminating the need for mortar and adhesives.

When laid without grouting, DryTile floors can be walked on immediately, enabling other fit-out work, such as electrical wiring and joinery installation, to proceed without delay. The system also includes a special grouting compound with strong side adhesion. When applied, it seals the tiles to form a continuous floor surface that can be walked on after only 12 hours and can support maximum weight loading after only 24 hours. The DryTile system will be on show at DOMOTEX 2020 in a range of attractive designs and formats in sizes up to 60 x 120 centimeters. On request, DryTile tiles can also be supplied with Hytect, an innovative, hygienic surface treatment that protects home health – a perfect fit for the all-important wellbeing dimension of the ATMYSPHERE keynote theme.