Deutsche Messe AG, which organizes events with a rich portfolio around the world, its office in Turkey Hannover Fairs Turkey continues to organize online event series in various sectors on the platform names "Connection Days". The last event of the series, Decor & Design Conference, which will be held on 26-27 May 2021; stands out as the industry's most comprehensive digital conference on architecture, decoration and interior design.

Belonging to various industries such as architecture and design, building and construction, flooring and decoration, Decor & Design Conference is preparing to host expert architects and designers in interdisciplinary sessions and panels such as "Green Buildings, Eco Design and Sustainability, Visual Merchandising and Design, Architecture after Covid-19, Latest Trends in Home Textile and Design-Oriented Thinking in Furniture.

In the two-day event, speakers from a wide range of architects, interior designers, design directors, industrial designers and yacht designers will draw attention to the importance of designing innovative, social, economic and ecological objects, spaces and services, and will inspire visitors for future designs.

The sessions, shaped around 8 different session themes, including seasonal and post-pandemic trends of the architecture and design industry, will offer a new and completely digital experience. The event targeted industry professionals, architects and interior designers, designers, marketing and branding experts, city planners and engineers.

In previous events organized on the platform,10,223 conference views, a total of 126 speakers in 36 different sessions, 1620 minutes of live broadcasts, achieved high levels in the field of digital events in the sector.

The ongoing travel restrictions with the COVID-19 outbreak led to the postponement and cancellation of many events throughout the year. Connection Days, an alternative business and trade platform created by Hannover Fairs Turkey despite all restrictions, continues to take steps to increase communication in the sector with its 4th event, Decor & Design Conference.

You can register free to Decor & Design Conference on the website to discover new products in the sector, expert speakers and future designs. The conference program will be broadcast live on the Connection Days platform on the day of the event without the need for a separate link.

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