Oriental Weavers is heading to DOMOTEX 2020 as a newly crowned winner of the GEFF award, which it received this summer in Cairo for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The GEFF award is given by the Green Economy Financing Facility, an organization which supports businesses wishing to invest in green technologies. The GEFF program is supported by a network of more than 140 local financial institutions spanning 26 countries. Among the organization’s many partners are the European Union and the Green Climate Fund.

The ATMYSPHERE agenda is green

By celebrating Oriental Weavers as a pioneer of environmental sustainability in this way, the organizers of the award aim to encourage other Egyptian firms to follow a green agenda. The purpose of the award is also to encourage more green economy financing in Egypt and inspire other businesses to become more competitive by accessing GEFF technical assistance and financing. As the proud winner of the award, Oriental Weavers will be using its showcase at DOMOTEX 2020 to spread the sustainability message. DOMOTEX 2020 is certainly the perfect platform for this message, given the core sustainability aspects of its ATMYSPHERE keynote theme and its global reach. As part of its message, Oriental Weavers will be sharing in-depth information on how it saved some 42,000 megawatt-hours of electricity and 7,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2018. This achievement is doubly impressive, considering that the company’s strategic decision to improve its energy efficiency and consumption was made only two years prior to that, in 2016, and its relationship with GEFF was arranged by Qatar National Bank only in 2017.

With the support of the European Union, GEFF enabled Oriental Weavers to make an active contribution to the green agenda. Through a combination of grant funding and support from GEFF’s expert team, Oriental Weavers has succeeded in dramatically reducing its carbon footprint, not only in its core business of carpet weaving, but also in other areas through measures such as tree planting initiatives. But that is just the beginning. "Oriental Weavers will continue to invest in new green initiatives to reduce its emissions and to enable energy efficient manufacturing at all of its facilities worldwide,”" explained Vice President Yasmine Khami.