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Most notably renowned as an international importer of indoor and outdoor floor coverings, Timberagents offers LVTs, parquet flooring and solid boards made of oak - not to mention decking boards made from hardwood and WPCs. Ever the pioneer, the company is now expanding its portfolio to include a highly sustainable product. Feast your eyes on GREEN DECK! Primarily manufactured from secondary raw materials and encased in extremely resilient laminates, the GREEN DECK decking boards are said to offer an unrivaled, natural look, while also being impervious to discoloration by grease or other substances. As an added bonus, the surface coating’s outstanding anti-slip properties adhere to the German industry's "R10" standard.

Timberagents has decided to venture into new pastures from simply being an importer of floor coverings. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover, the flooring specialist is now revealing its first product to be developed and manufactured in-house, hailing it a unique ceramic-topped XXL tile designed for outdoor use. Measuring 240 by 120 centimeters with a total thickness of just twelve millimeters, this tile boasts truly impressive dimensions thanks to the combination of a six-millimeter ceramic layer and particularly tough composites. The selected composite materials keep the entire board’s weight to just 55 kilograms, making it easy for two people to handle. What's more, the design means it can also bear heavy loads. In fact, GREEN DECK is even said to withstand steel balls being dropped from a height of around 170 centimeters in test conditions. Last but not least, the XXL tile is laid onto a special aluminum substructure, eliminating the need to spend time putting down a conventional bed of gravel.