No matter how beautiful a building's architecture is, it's pretty pointless if the foundations aren't strong enough to support it. Sounds obvious, but it's the kind of truism that may well have caused some sleepless nights for Bonanno Pisano, one of the figures behind the Leaning Tower of Pisa. However, it isn't just towers that need a stable footing - if floor coverings are going to last a long time and fulfill their function in fine style, they too need a sound substrate. Few understand that fact as well as the developers at Unifloor Underlay Systems in the Netherlands. For more than 30 years, the company has been a leading international specialist in subfloor technology, spanning dry-lay floor preparation, floating installation, noise reduction, acoustic enhancement, or simple and modular designs for rapid installation. Exhibiting at DOMOTEX 2020, the company is showcasing a wide range of the options it offers, including Jumpax Universal, the latest addition to the prestigious Jumpax product family.

Jumpax Universal is a floating subfloor that exhibits outstanding leveling properties and is ideal for renovation projects and new-builds alike. The system consists of a water-resistant base board and a very smooth water-resistant top board that unite to create a completely level and very stable subfloor construction. The smooth surface of Jumpax Universal ensures elastic floor coverings such as LVT, cork, linoleum and carpet can be laid and glued down straight away. The system is also ideal for use with underfloor heating systems and in rooms where high fire retardance performance is required. What's more, Jumpax Universal is free of formaldehyde and can achieve an impact sound reduction of up to 21 dB when combined with a resilient floor covering such as LVT.