HUALI FLOORS is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of vinyl flooring. Each month, some 3,000 HUALI employees working in a 36-hectare production area manufacture no fewer than 1,800 container loads of flooring, 90 percent of which is exported worldwide. HUALI isn't looking to impress with figures alone, though. It also considers high, sustainable quality and visual diversity to be increasingly important, as demonstrated by another big number - the company offers over 4,000 different designs. DOMOTEX 2020 gives visitors their first opportunity to become better acquainted with this giant and its products, including own-brand designs.

The manufacturer describes EBENBILD - one of the products on show in Hannover - as a unique, high-quality design flooring made of vinyl that contains no harmful substances. Unusual wood and stone decors are intended to create a feeling of ultimate comfort in business premises and private homes alike. Customers can choose either the standard or premium version, both available with a variety of wear layers. EBENBILD is also offered in DryBack, rigid LVT board, tile and click variants, which extends the possible applications further still. According to the developer, HUALI vinyl flooring is designed to ensure quick and easy installation without the need for separate impact sound insulation. HUALI sums up EBENBILD as an exclusive luxury vinyl flooring product that is available at attractive prices in authentic designs and also boasts sustainable environmental credentials.