Wintersteiger AG is highly renowned for its thin-cutting technology, which is used in lamella production across the globe. The key advantages for customers include a narrow kerf, a ready-to-glue surface and immediate further processing of the lamellae without the need for any additional steps. Wintersteiger's portfolio encompasses thin-cutting frame saws and band saws, blade sharpening machines, carbide-tipped and Stellite® saw blades, not to mention gluing and pressing technologies. Among the Austrian company’s star machines is undoubtedly the TRC Manufactory, which is said to ensure a unique surface every time.

Designed for the fully automated and bespoke surface finishing of rustic planks and boards, the TRC Manufactory can handle both raw materials and base material that has already been repaired and ground. To offer an outstanding level of customization, the TRC Manufactory scans every plank before processing, using its software to create a dedicated finishing program for each one. This program can incorporate a whole host of steps, including milling or grinding the side edges, reworking knots, finishing the grain and milling out cracks - to cite but a few examples. The combination of timber and custom finishing is designed to ultimately ensure every single plank is a true one-off piece that boasts both a captivating look and feel.