Universal Fibers, which is based in the US state of Virginia, is one of two business units within Universal Fiber Systems LLC, with Premiere Fibers being the second. Since its beginning in 1969, Universal Fibers has built a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in the production of uniquely colorful and high-performance, solution-dyed synthetic filament-based fibers. To this day, the company continues to lead the industry with innovations that are either made from renewable raw materials or use recycled carpet fibers. Thrive - which the manufacturer claims is the most sustainable high-performance nylon 66 carpet fiber in the world - belongs firmly in the latter category.

The development Universal Fibers is unveiling at DOMOTEX 2020 has been designed to meet worldwide demand for sustainable solution-dyed high-performance premium carpet fiber with built-in encapsulated stain resistance and virtually unlimited color combinations. The stain resistance is provided by a technology integrated into the fibers, while the impressive range of colors can be attributed to Universal Color, an incredible palette of 284 trend-setting colors. Available in type 6 and type 66 nylon, Thrive delivers high-bulk light weight attributes with its exclusive 660 decitex building block and meets market demands in terms of styling, sustainability, and ease of care and maintenance.