The product developers from the Balta Home division of the Belgian Balta Group are at DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase their brand-new RE_GENERATION product line under the catchy slogan "Let's turn trash into treasure!" The range sets out to wow customers with its extremely attractive design, while also - more importantly - promising to ensure greater sustainability by incorporating a high proportion of recycled materials. Since the company manufactures RE_GENERATION products from old plastic bottles, discarded cotton materials and pieces of leather from old clothing, it is already taking steps to acquire a corresponding quality assurance certification to verify the percentage of recycled content stated for each product. With their new take on softness, a rich color palette and innovative structures, all woven together in timeless designs, these machine- and hand-made carpets made from "trash" are sure to bring new life and vitality to any part of the home - be it indoors or outdoors.

However, the RE_GENERATION collection is not the only reason to pay Balta Homes a visit at DOMOTEX 2020, because it is also showcasing machine-tufted products from its "New Generation Rugs" collection, which are designed to be washable and boast a long service life. What's more, these rugs are made of a single material, which also simplifies the recycling process.