As one of the world's leading manufacturers of technical textiles, Freudenberg is in Hannover to demonstrate how its backing materials for textile floor coverings can help reduce the impact carpets have on the environment. To do this, the company is using a cutting-edge stand design that incorporates aspects from the event's keynote theme - ATMYSPHERE. Sporting seamless transitions between carpet and wall, the stand is designed to convey a feeling of well-being and sustainability in the midst of nature. The carpet on show at the stand, which is printed using high-end digital printing technology, features a primary backing from Freudenberg. This is because, according to its developers, the company’s tufted carpet backings made of polyester spunlaids give carpets the dimensional stability they need if they are to be printed with digital printing machines.

The primary and secondary backings for carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and walk-off mats from this pioneer in non-woven fabrics are made from polyester spunlaids produced with Freudenberg's proprietary technology. They are designed to provide excellent dimensional stability, reliable and precise pattern repeats, as well as exceptional lay-flat properties, while also ensuring a constant surface uniformity and non-fraying edges. Freudenberg aims to provide sustainable floor coverings with unique components and production processes, without compromising quality. That's why it also recycles its production waste and continuously works on developing products that contain a high proportion of recycled materials. Furthermore, the company claims to avoid the use of chemical binding agents. This means that 100 percent of the polyester tuft backings made by Freudenberg are 100 percent recyclable, which makes end-of-life management easier for carpet manufacturers.