MEERA Industries from India has become a big name in the field of twister and heat setting machines for use in the production of rugs, fabrics and textiles. The company manufactures and exports carpet cabler machines, continuous heat setting machines, assembly winders, two-for-one twisters, ring twisters and one-step ply and cable twisters (TPRS). The patent-pending TPRS technology that MEERA is unveiling at DOMOTEX 2020 is a one-step twine and cable twister for manufacturing stitching threads of all types, including industrial yarns, multifilament yarns and cotton twines.

In the past, sewing threads have usually been manufactured in three steps. However, TPRS technology from MEERA now reduces the process to a single step. What's more, thanks to the size of the cops on the TPRS twister, products from the spinning works can be used directly as knotless 15-kilogram supply packages. Besides excellent productivity levels, the new single-stage process also helps sewing machines run smoothly, since the same consistently high quality standards are created along the entire length of the yarn.