In addition to a wide range of fillers, Heinrich König & Co. KG's portfolio also includes retouching materials, spray lacquers and products for both maintenance and cleaning. The company sees itself as a problem solver and is committed to continuously keeping pace with the latest surface and material developments. Close collaboration between customers and the in-house research and development department supports these efforts, ensuring the best possible repair solutions are always provided for new surfaces, too.

Heinrich König is now unveiling one such solution at DOMOTEX 2020. IF-139 PLUS is a new and improved version of the company's permanent filler, which is suitable for industrial production and also smaller wood processing businesses. It removes flaws in an instant - on everything from solid wood and veneer to wooden composites, chipboard, MDF and even plastic materials. Benefiting from a low processing temperature and a high density, the filler also forms a strong bond with a variety of materials. What's more, according to the manufacturer, the matt finish produced by IF-139 PLUS is virtually unprecedented. Last but not least, the filler is also resistant to heat, cold and moisture, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Only one thing is missing - the unpleasant, pungent odor often associated with such products.