T&G Wood showed "Cinzento Custom Made", a customizable floor with a surface that comes alive with visible knotholes and cracks. Manufacturers Futura Floors and Gunreben also emphasize small irregularities in their solid lock floorboards, as is natural for a natural product. This apparent flaw metamorphosizes into an authentic feature.

Vielari’s Art Parquet specializes in the restoration of historical wooden floor coverings. Thanks to this special expertise, the Lithuanian company is able to combine new wooden floors with inlays or metal inlays in its "Art Déco" collection – with the highest level of craftsmanship and precision.

"Dureco", designed by ter Hürne, is a natural, sustainable and extremely robust floor made of 100 percent organic material. Its high resistance to water is achieved by the so-called Seal Technology – a combination of different components that together provide effective protection.

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