Why are you pleased to be part of the CDA jury?

It’s a very exciting year to be on the panel. Since the break of COVID, consumers have begun to embrace their homes more than ever. Everyone is paying a lot more attention to interior design, and this has pushed all products for the home to be better. Rugs ar my passion. I’m excited to see what the best of the best are doing to keep up with this exciting market.

Why the CDA is an important award in our sector and beyond?

I think the CDAs are the most important moment of recognition for what’s new and exciting in our industry. What I love about the awards is that they push the best of the best artisans to continue innovate and bring something new to the market each year.

Tell us your opinion on the inclusion of the new sustainability category.

In the last few years we’ve all gotten a lot more mindful around sustainability. Its extremely important we consider the environmental impact of each rug produced and do our best to get better and better in this area. An award that shines a light on this is amazing.

Why do you like DOMOTEX and what do you expect from the 2023 edition?

I could not be more energized to be visiting DOMOTEX this year. Nothing beats seeing people (and rugs!) in person! It's going to be an incredible feeling – it's been too long.