Unifloor is the go-to provider for noise-dampening underlay systems. After all, the Dutch company develops products specifically with the aim of reducing the noise levels in buildings caused by footfall and other types of floor contact. Unifloor strives to offer suitable solutions for virtually every conceivable type of flooring and floor structure and to strengthen trust in its products by maintaining high quality standards. One of the ways it does that is by offering comprehensive warranties. Besides expanding its successful and certified Jumpax® dual underlay system with the "Universal" variant - suitable for both renovation and new-build projects - ahead of DOMOTEX 2020, Unifloor Underlay Systems will soon also offer access to the warranties for these products via a web application.

The web application Unifloor is unveiling in Hannover aims to make it easy for specialist dealers to request warranties for Jumpax® underlays by generating the certificates automatically and sending them directly to the customer. The service will be available after DOMOTEX 2020 via "garantie-uniflooronline.info". Once users have registered, they can request warranty certificates for any Jumpax® product and even access previously acquired certificates. Over the coming months, Unifloor plans to further enhance its web application by adding floor installation instructions and product information.