With the Silica Mineral panels, the Chinese already attracted attention at their "home game" at the Asian offshoot of the leading international flooring fair. The Power Dekor Silica Mineral panels (former name: Quartz Core) are natural mineral panels made of ingredients such as quartz, lime, Portland cement, pulp and water. The ingredients are mixed under high temperatures and high pressures to form tobermorite crystals. The process is based solely on the hydration of minerals, without the addition of glue, plasticisers or other aldehydes. It is thus an innovative, PVC-free and high-performance homogeneous material that, according to the manufacturer, takes into account the environment, sustainable development, market demand and other factors.

For the floor - the panels are also available as wall panels - the Power Dekor Group currently offers two collections. The "Botanic" collection is oriented towards classic wooden floors. Thanks to the dimensional stability of the Silica Mineral panels, they are said to combine perfectly with wood veneers. According to the manufacturer, veneered Silica Mineral floors provide a warmer foot feeling and a unique wood structure. When it comes to the actual decor, the Chinese prefer beautiful and eye-catching wood patterns that have already proven their "radiance" on international markets.

For the "Urban" collection, Power Dekor also uses silica mineral panels as a substrate, but this time in combination with the surface technology familiar from laminate. Users can choose between traditional and modern designs. With a wide range of mineral motifs and matching colours, "Urban" is designed to add a touch of glamour to any room, whether you prefer a neutral, calming colour scheme or want to make a statement with something more dramatic. "Urban" is a sensible option for any room in the home or workplace, according to the supplier, and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms and other utility areas.